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How life accidentally delivered me to the coaching path

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

I started on my journey as a coach almost 12 years ago. With a psychology degree it was a natural fit to go into weight loss coaching, but it was actually quite accidental. I was looking for a path to help people transform themselves. When I was given the opportunity to run a local weight loss clinic I jumped in and had no idea that I would actually be helping people uncover the root causes of unhealthy behavior and replace these unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Not only would I be helping my patients, but I would be transforming myself. This journey allowed me a window into others struggles, successes, and lives. I gained understanding of how much all of us have in common and have similar struggles, we just handle these struggles differently.

When I started on this journey I was over weight. I had not given my weight too much thought. I was 37 and thought that my extra pounds were just due to my age. (sounds really silly saying that now!) It wasn't until I was at a training that we were weighing each other on the InBody Machine, that I got to see just how out of shape I was. The girl that was in front of me was my partner, and our InBody results were identical. We were both 5' 2", same weight, same body fat. I was completely shocked because I had no idea how much weight I had on me. I got on program and got the weight off and entered my 40's in better shape than I had been in my 20's. Now at almost 50, I am better shape than I have been since high school.

What I learned about weight loss and weight control is that it's not about the weight, it is about how we use food. Is food fuel, or a reward? Is food a celebration and a comfort? I have found that food is a lot of things to people that isn't necessarily fuel, but sometimes, an escape, a distraction and even a habit. I have watched people get to goal after loosing well over 100 lbs and they aren't ready for their new body and the needs of this new body. They slip right back into old patterns and habits because they haven't addressed the "why" and they don't have a new vision of their future, they are living in the past. They do what they have always done so they get what they have always gotten.

This realization led me to the path of Life Coaching and I received my Master Certified Life Coach Certification. I needed a tool to use with my patients to help equip them for long term success. As we began to dig into areas of their life where they have dissatisfaction, fear, regret or trauma and addressing what they want, what they believe is possible and making shifts where necessary.

I am a coach because I love watching people connect with themselves and find their answers that help them live their lives to the fullest. To heal themselves, forgive themselves and go after dreams they didn't know they had. Yes, I love seeing the physical transformation that takes place with weight loss, but the awakening that happens from really getting to know themselves is where the true joy is. I am grateful to be a part of such a beautiful process.

Have fun creating on purpose!


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