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We have been taught that menopause is a scary monster, but what if we are missing a gift??

Today on the Podcast (, Sandra and I talked about menopause and how bad it sucks. We have been told from childhood how awful that part of our life will be. We are dreading these years our entire life and making it such a giant nasty monster, and when we get there, we have to go through it., there is no getting around it. We can do it pissed off and hating every minute, or we can embrace it and notice the changes in our body, our hot flashes, mood swings, and that very pesky wiry facial hair we are plucking out of our face at various times of the day. Noticing the changes and making them "wrong" or "bad" are two very different things. Those things are going to happen; how we respond is another matter.

We have options to make us feel and look better (I have a regular appointment for a dermaplane to keep the fuzz off my face and, of course, a pair of tweezers with me at all times for when I find a stray hair on my face.) BUT... that is not all that is going on in our lives. What are we creating? What are we learning? What are we passionate about? Now is not the time to bow out of life. With all of the knowledge we have, why are we not being passionate about life? Every segment of our life is filled with trauma, joy, exhilaration, and creation. We only notice the good stuff until menopause hits, and then we focus on the bull shit we don't want. We have those things in every segment of our life, but we focus on what went right. What if we do that in this stage of our life? This is our time… it's about time we stop playing small because we think life has to be a certain way. It seems to be a tradition to talk about how bad this segment of our life is or will be, but what if that is all bullshit, and we deal with the things that pop up but don't let them define us? What if we step up and make this the best time of our life? Tune in today at 6 pm to hear our discussion about this.

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