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YOU create your life. Are you creating on purpose or by default?

When I have a day or a moment that I'm not thrilled with, maybe I'm not feeling well or worried about something I shouldn't be worried about...these are the questions I ask myself. What would you be doing if you felt like you want to feel? How would you be walking, standing, talking, and thinking? What would you be wearing? What would you be doing? I get a good picture of what all of that would feel like and then my goal is to do things that help me feel like that. Sometimes it's going on a walk, listening to music, or turning on an audible. Sometimes it's going on an adventure and making memories. Sometimes it's when I'm working and must choose to show up fully in the moment. But sometimes, it's just sitting and looking for anything around me to feel gratitude about and if all else fails, looking at the face of one of my grandbabies does the trick every time!

How many times do we shut down, and avoid any kind of interaction with others? Sometimes we decide to wait until we feel better to get out there and live life. When we make that decision, we are avoiding life and avoiding feeling better. We can sit in our shit as long as we want but sitting around bitching about how bad things are isn't inspiring and doesn't make us want to get out and take on the world. It makes us want to stay hidden, stay small and miss the magic in the moment.

Sometimes we must allow ourselves to sit in it for a while, the key is to not feed it. When we justify our feelings, it makes them bigger, and it keeps. we are stuck there. When we have the need to tell everyone we know these stories and they agree with us, it gets bigger. So allow your feelings without the need to feed them and see how quickly you will get bored with them. Without feeding it you will soon decide that nothing is more important than you feel good.

So, what would you be doing right now if you were creating your life? Well, you are doing it with intention or by default, so wouldn't you want to have fun with it? Have fun creating on purpose today!



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