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Why do we think we can't achieve our goals because of our weight?

We put off pursuing a better job, find a lover, or we believe we aren't worthy of all the things we want in life.... until we "lose the weight."

Are you using your weight as an excuse to not show up in life?

When we do diets without changing our mindset, the weight comes back because we believe that is all we will ever be.

But you can lose weight and change your mindset at the same time.

I can show you how. Sign up here.

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Leigh Kubin is a Master Certified Life Coach, a Weight Loss Coach, a Feng Shui Teacher, and a Feng Shui Practitioner. Leigh loves working with individuals that are looking to tap into their true potential. Although many of her clients come to her for help with weight loss, initially, they all realize quickly it's not about the weight or the food, they begin to understand that is just a distraction from creating the life they desire.

Who is Leigh Kubin?

What I Specialize in?

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Mindset Coaching

Crystal Salt

Goal Setting

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Behavior Modification

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Weigh loss and maintenance 

How to contact Leigh?

+1 512-796-6289

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